Jenn Forsland covers the musical gamut, from directing the Comox Valley’s Celebration Singers, to singing with the fabulous quartet Swing Set, to performing in rock, pop and jazz settings. Jenn has a gorgeous voice and an entertaining, captivating presence on stage.

Grahame Edwards anchors the group with upright and electric bass and an ability to incorporate an amazing range of styles in his playing. Forbidden Jazz and many other bands are fortunate to have this versatile musician on bass, percussion and trumpet.

Rachel Cooper is the go-to reed player in the Comox Valley. Be it on clarinet, alto sax or EWI, she has a tremendous feel for jazz and blues, always melodic and always interesting.

Rick Husband honed his craft playing country, trad jazz, and big band swing before finding his niche in the Comox Valley jazz scene, including the great experience of backing vocalists like Jenn and Dale Graham.